Caroline de Maigret é a personificação da parisiense cool actual, 39 anos, muito charme, cabelo despenteado ao ponto de não se saber bem a última vez em que o lavou.

De origem aristocratica, na juventude desistiu do curso de humanidades na Sorbonne e dedicou-se à carreira de modelo. Hoje vive no SoPi(South Pigalle), bairro mais cool de Paris, tem uma pequena editora independente com o companheiro, além de ainda trabalhar como modelo e ser é embaixadora de duas marcas de luxo.

Caroline – mais 3 amigas – lançou um livro onde “ensina” as não parisienses a parecerem parisienses: How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits. Algumas dicas: “Não tenha medo de envelhecer”, “Use vermelho com rosa”, “Não tome pequeno-almoço”, “Pareça sempre fuckable”.


Os 50 são os novos 20

deneuve-LO New York Times,  para festejar os 70 anos Catherine Deneuve, publicou uma foto desta somente em lingerie preta e saltos vertiginosos.

Dentro de dez anos, 50% da população francesa terá mais 50 anos. As marcas ligadas aos cosméticos,  turismo e moda já começaram a mudar o discurso e o comportamento.

As maduras não suportam que o marketing que lhes é destinado exiba  rostos lisos como se idade fosse uma doença. O termo anti-âge desaparece devagar das etiquetas dos cremes substituido por rénovateur e haute exigence.


Menstrual Man

Arunachalam Muruganantham’s invention came at great personal cost – he nearly lost his family, his money and his place in society. But he kept his sense of humour(…) “I will be honest,” says Muruganantham. “I would not even use it to clean my scooter.” When he asked her why she didn’t use sanitary pads, she pointed out that if she bought them for the women in the family, she wouldn’t be able to afford to buy milk or run the household (…) He fashioned a sanitary pad out of cotton and gave it to Shanthi, demanding immediate feedback. She said he’d have to wait for some time – only then did he realise that periods were monthly.

The villagers became convinced he was possessed by evil spirits, and were about to chain him upside down to a tree to be “healed” by the local soothsayer (…) Muruganantham wrote to the big manufacturing companies with the help of a college professor, whom he repaid by doing domestic work – he didn’t speak much English at the time.

If I changed the title because educated people might not watch the film, then I’m a hypocrite. I become part of the problem.

A bleak future for the wife of a rapist


Taken from the Wall Street Journal.

«(…)Ms. Devi expects to be cast out by her in-laws and face ostracism and destitution here in India’s conservative hinterland—not because she is married to a convicted murderer, but because she is a woman without a husband.

(…)Her husband’s relatives say they can’t afford to feed her. Her parents say they are too poor to take her back. The customs of purdah practiced in the region make it almost impossible for her to work outside the home.»

A small step


Saudi Arabia King Abdullah swore in the country’s first female members of the Shoura Council, along with their male counterparts, and urged them to carry out the job with responsibility.

One fifth of the new council are women. The move to appoint women to the body was announced in 2011 but their names were only made public last month. The council is remodelling parts of its chamber to ensure strict gender segregation between members.

In the ultra-conservative kingdom, women are still banned from driving and need the consent of a male “guardian” to work, travel abroad or open a bank account.

Do You Know Where Your Wife Is?

They do! «Since last week, Saudi women’s male guardians began receiving text messages on their phones informing them when women under their custody leave the country, even if they are travelling together

Back to Slavery.

«Women are increasingly afraid to walk the streets of Cairo, worried they will be attacked or groped in public.» Like some friends told me a foreign woman uses Cairo’s subway only one time. Never repeats. That was before the Arab Spring.