Rest in peace Madiba

I lived for a while in South Africa, I fell in love with the country and it’s people.

Tears burn my eyes writing this post.

Rest in peace Madiba!


Africa’s most influent banker


Portuguese born, Maria Ramos is the CEO of Absa Group and Barclays Africa.

34 years ago, the young Maria Ramos was sitting behind a counter as an apprentice of the Barclays Bank in South Africa. No one, and probably not even they would have thought then that the daughter of Portuguese immigrants once was to become the most powerful banker in Africa – and again at Barclays, which had passed in the meantime from South Africa, is in the service. In the past week sealed the UK’s second largest bank and the South African Absa Bank has long forged the plan to combine their African businesses. From the 1.6-billion-euro transaction is the largest bank emerge on the continent, with 14.4 million customers, 1,300 branches and 43,000 employees.

She also helped drafting the South Africa’s pos-apartheid Constitution and was a member of Nelson Mandela’s government.

O héroi

No sábado a Inglaterra jogou contra a África do Sul no Ellis Park um test match electrizante. Destaco o último ensaio do JP Pietersen que lança a avalanche Springbok lavrando as linhas inglesas, fixou o jogo bem dentro da linha dos 22 metros, a equipa rodou o jogo para a esquerda e quando voltou à direita soltou-o de novo e finalizou a jogada com um salto de gazela.

No que ao futebol diz respeito a selecção nacional também esteve em grande nível.

Go Boke!!! Vamos a eles rapaziada!

Probably the most beautiful post ever

Apart from the fact the sad reality of “Rhino poachers take aim at Kruger Park” this post and its pictures are wonderful.

“Where have you walked on the face of the earth, and discovered a place where beauty gave birth? Where have you been to and let you eyes stare, and your heart melt into hot summer air?”

I can´t remember the author of these two questions, I’ve read them when I lived in Cape Town a few years ago. The answer is quite simple. :)