How much does it cost our fashion?


A Norwegian television channel sent three young fashion bloggers to Cambodia, to experience the life of those sewing western fashion, in a five episode documentary called “Sweatshop – deadly fashion” that can be seen here with English subtitles.

The future which we hold in trust for our own children will be shaped by our fairness to other people’s children.

Oh salty clothes, how much of your salt is tears from Cambodia.

Women in some parts of the world are forbidden to learn how to read


Students can now earn extra credit in a Women and Gender Studies class for being female and not shaving their armpits or male if you shave their bodies from the neck down. In the 19th century, space was reorganized, time was synchronized, the world became modern. But it doesn’t seem very long ago that I was going to striptease classes, working for a magazine with scantily clad women on the cover and attending lap-dancing clubs with my then boyfriend. Had you asked, I would probably have said I was a feminist then, too.

The Spanish secretary of state for tourism, Isabel Borrego, said Spain wishes to offer “quality tourism”. Teenager performs oral on 20 men for a $5 bottle of champagne. Pamplona wants a clean fiestaauthorities want to avoid images of topless women being groped by big gangs of men being published on the Web.

“I love the performance of a craft, whether it is modest or mean-spirited, yet I walk away when discussions of it begin – as if one should ask a gravedigger what brand of shovel he uses or whether he prefers to work at noon or in moonlight.” ― Michael Ondaatje

Illegal immigration

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar brought to his lavish personal zoo several animals from Africa. After the government confiscated Escobar’s estate, they broke up his zoo and sent most of the animals elsewhere, but they left the hippos alone–one male, three females. They continued to live–and breed–in the lake.

Some of them broke out and wandered into the Magdalena River. The river is slow moving and has plenty of shallows, perfect for larger animals which don’t actually swim but push themselves off banks, gliding through the water. Moreover, the region never experiences drought. Here, conditions for hippos are idyllic.

“Colombians are having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with Escobar’s legacy – and that includes his property, (…) All those contradictions are still alive there, and I think now in the most absurd way – in hippos reproducing in a river.”

There may be a crocodile in a river

If there is a best world for God to create then it appears he would have no choice other than to create it. As Leibniz tells us, ‘to do less good than one could is to be lacking in wisdom or in goodness.’ Since it is strictly impossible for God to be lacking in wisdom or goodness, his inability to do otherwise than create the best possible world is no limitation on his power. But if God could not do otherwise than create the best world, he created the world out of necessity, and not freely. Leibniz’s could not avoid the conclusion that God is not sufficiently free in creating, and is therefore not a fit subject of gratitude or moral praise.

Paedophile lives above creche, furious at mayor for going public“; “Nudists … protest at swimming costume quota

An appeal calling for testicles to be added to … the Spanish Parliament“; “…her rapist sent her a friend request” three years later.


97,8% dos suicidas espera piamente que haja morte após a vida


97% dos abutres rondam a carniça antes de debicá-la; 100% das moscas que sobrevoam um monte de excrementos tenciona pousar nele; 77% dos que enveredam pela política querem sair da merda, o resto já é rico; 0,05% do eleitorado conhece os programas eleitorais; 99,7% dos cidadãos desrespeitam a lei. 97,8% da população suspeita que haja muita corrupção, as mesmas que admitem que, se pudessem, roubariam o erário; 93% queixam-se dos transportes publicos nas grandes cidades e preferiria voar.

99,9% das mulheres dizem que os homens não prestam; 0,97% das prostitutas “gozam” durante a jornada de trabalho; 100% das freiras têm cabelo e um misterioso passado; 50% dos galanteios são mal sucedidos, 50% dos galanteios bem sucedidos terminam mal; 65% das mulheres erram ao suporem que finalmente encontraram “o tal”. 65% da picanha que se vende por aí não passa de lombo rijo; 13% dos cidadãos lembram-se vagamente de quem comeram no desjejum; 99,99% dos espermatozóides nadam, nadam, nadam, e morrem na praia; 95,6% das pessoas acham, sempre, que algo vai correr mal;  Há 0,3% de probabilidades de um pára-quedas não abrir; 92% dos homens com ejaculação precoce demoram a admitir que as coisas não vão bem.

1,2% das crianças com menos de 3 anos acreditam na cegonha. 100% dos seres humanos, mesmo os mais cruéis, já cantaram uma vez que seja.