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«Voracious demand for wood to feed factories for exports and satisfy wealthier consumers at home has turned China into a magnet for the illegal timber trade, causing other countries to strip their forests as Beijing does little to discourage the practices, an environmental group said in a report released Thursday.

Countries as far away as Mozambique in Africa and the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific as well as Myanmar, Laos and other Chinese neighbors are felling rare hardwoods and other trees at unsustainable rates to fulfill Chinese demand, said the report from the Environmental Investigation Agency, a London-based activist group.»

The last tiger in Singapore was shot under the billiard table at Raffles Hotel. It happened early in the last century.


When one arrives at the ocean the rules of the river no longer apply

One of my favourite blogs in portuguese is written by Patricia and called “beijo de mulata” (mulatta’s kiss), its being published as a book next friday(A Mission: Diary of a doctor in Mozambique).

“This book recounts the life story of a medical finalist heading to Mozambique to cooperate voluntarily in an orphanage near Maputo. (…) For a set of coincidences finds herself with the responsibility of running a health center, treating diseases that have never heard of and care for children who fought in the war and suffered irreparable losses. The following year back in Mozambique, but this time to a village called Iapala, 200 km from the nearest town, where she is responsible for the only hospital in the area and where they are faced with a peculiar form as people face illness, death, and gets to know their rites, taboos, drugs and poisons. In this environment she meets extraordinary people and falls in love with someone in the most unlikely of circumstances.”

«Yesterday the son of a friend, now aged seven, said he would find beautiful that we could be born from the earth and not the belly of the mothers. When she replied that babies are certainly more comfortable inside the womb. He replied, “but we are people of the world and children of the earth!”»


Sei de um amigo que recorda o sabor desta fruta com a doçura da infância.

«A polpa era carnuda e branco-transparente, ligeiramente adstringente. Fiquei com os lábios, a língua e os dentes roxos, para o riso e gozação da turma, que disse: nunca comas jambolão se não puderes lavar a boca de seguida, é uma fruta delatora, fala da gula da gente

Ela há melhor fruta?! :)