This is fascinating

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co. SA leaves Greece and moves to Switzerland.

Okay!! Don’t panic!

‘We’re all doomed!’ say top germany economic think tanks.


Futility closet

«2.40pm Ccommentators debate: what is the symbolic significance of the fact that Merkel is wearing the same outfit she wore to the Greece versus Germany soccer match?

It’s clearly the same soft green blazer: on the left, Merkel celebrates after Philipp Lahm scored during the quarter-final soccer match between Germany and Greece in the Euro 2012 in Gdansk on 22 June. On the right, Merkel wearing the same blazer outside the Maximos Mansion today!»
«4.45pm Papoulias gestures to a chair where Merkel can sit. Merkel smiles almost shyly as she sits, translators kneel between the two leaders with pads of paper in hand.»

Fight Now

«“Athens is the Weimar Berlin of our time,” said Crapabble. “It’s this space where, in Europe, the future is being decided. The future might be poverty, debt peonage and violent fascism.”»

«Germany’s richest citizens are getting richer. At over €500 billion, the total value of assets belonging to the 500 wealthiest Germans exceeds Switzerland’s gross domestic product, (…) the debt crisis wreaking havoc across the eurozone hasn’t shaken the super-rich. Germany’s wealthiest 100 citizens saw the value of their assets rise more than 4 percent. But not all of the country’s billionaires had a good year. The family behind the bankrupt Schlecker drugstore chain was left with less than €40 million after seeing its fortunes drop by €1.92 billion, making it the biggest loser on this year’s list. »

Are you pursuing the passions that bring happiness, achieving excellence, and then letting the money follow? With that, I’ll let you continue with your day.




Is this the XXI century version of the trojan horse

«Salmonella outbreak probably comes from Greek fish

The smoked salmon that has made hundreds of people ill with salmonella in the Netherlands and the US may well have come from Greece…»

«The Germans are coming back to Poland». The last time it happened it wasn’t pretty.

O que tu queres sei eu

A chanceler alemã que andou para ai a botar faladura sobre vender empresas nacionais para outras longitudes acaba de vender duas aos chineses.

Deve ser por isso que… As voltas que eu dei para chegar à metáfora de mudar a bomba de óleo.

‘Tás-lhe a olhar para o bêfe, malandro! :P




Thou shalt not…

“Greece is part of the eurozone and I would like it to remain in the eurozone,” Merkel said during a press conference with Greece’s Prime Minister.

Merkel noted that she and France’s Francois Hollande, whom she met Thursday, have taken the same approach with respect to Athens. “We both want Athens to remain in the euro but we also told you that you must comply with the commitments”.

“Greece will stick to its commitments and fulfil its obligations. In fact this is already happening,” replied Antonis Samaras.

Can an irrational number raised to an irrational power yield a rational result?

= 2

After years of negotiations, Russia officially became a member of the World Trade Organisation. The business daily is particularly interested in the potential benefits for companies in the European Union, which are “Russia’s main trading partner”. More eagerly awaited than the reduction in customs duties, European business communities expect that Russian accession to the WTO will facilitate investment in the country. Russia’s pledge to adhere to more liberal rules could notably facilitate investment in the automobile sector, however, the same will not be true of other sectors that are considered strategic by Moscow, such as raw materials, metals, fertilisers and aerospace. In these business areas Russia will continue to insist that foreign investors can only hold minority stakes in Russian companies.

Big american and european banks are preparing for the worst: the exit of Greece from the eurozone, an army of management consultants and lawyers have been working for weeks on the infinite number of things to do in response to bankruptcy. Tasks range from how to manage riots in the crisis, where the safety of bank employees will be an issue, through to ensuring the stability of the hot lines for advising investors and preparing computer systems to reckon in drachmas.

Mathematically speaking, it can.