The Jesus I know

Diogo Morgado, who portrays Jesus TV series “The Bible” is a portuguese actor whom I know since he was a little boy, he was one of my brother’s school colleagues.

I’ve seen him growing up, becoming a model and then an actor, one of the most gifted of his generation in Portugal, and from quite some time also abroad.

Força Diogo!


So whats your story?

It would be obvious to say the movie Detachment it’s about a rotten school system. It’s a really nice movie about the women in an educator life.

It talks about helping kids face the harsh reality of life, while adults drive the delusions of day to day routine.

Tony Kaye showed all his talent, by not showing the two obvious talents of Christina Hendricks.I’m sorry I couldn’t help it. :)

The Daughter of Dawn

The Daughter of Dawn, an 80-minute film shot in July of 1920 in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

It was unique in the annals of silent film for having a cast of 300 Comanches and Kiowas who brought their own clothes, horses, tipis, everyday props and who told their story without a single reference to the United States Cavalry.

It was a love story, a four-person star-crossed romance that ends with the two main characters together happily ever after. There are two buffalo hunt sequences with actual herds of buffalo being chased down by hunters on bareback just as they had done on the Plains 50 years earlier.