Why not start really at the top?

Diablo-Tunnel-1the anti-corruption movement causes much more psychological stress, even anxiety or paranoia in all strata of Chinese society: Everyone knows someone who is corrupt, but few want to get involved in any of this. That’s because China is not only cracking down on corruption, it is simultaneously going after the activists, democrats, and dissidents. China is an economic superpower – rich and mighty. But there also loom deep-rooted political and social maladies which if not treated properly might compromise the country’s former economic successes. While the year 2013 saw over 110,000 cases of corrupt officials, Xi’s campaign, now going into its second year, shows no sign of weariness. In fact, everyone seems suspicious, and the public can’t wait to hear about the latest scandal or obscenity. Yet while punishing some individuals for obvious misconduct is in itself wise and recommendable, the campaign lacks major reforms of the system. Just this month another activist, Xu Zhiyong, was sentenced to four years in prison. He demanded transparency and the disclosures of politicians’ assets and earnings.

Corruption across EU ‘breathtaking‘ – EU Commission”…with the anti-corruption package, the Commission is pursuing a coherent approach for shaping EU policies on the fight against corruption. In addition to stronger monitoring and the proper implementation of existing legal instruments, the Commission foresees a wide range of EU-level actions to adequately tackle corruption…

We’ll have a therapy for corruption perception anxiety disorder before anything changes.


Log off

«Voracious demand for wood to feed factories for exports and satisfy wealthier consumers at home has turned China into a magnet for the illegal timber trade, causing other countries to strip their forests as Beijing does little to discourage the practices, an environmental group said in a report released Thursday.

Countries as far away as Mozambique in Africa and the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific as well as Myanmar, Laos and other Chinese neighbors are felling rare hardwoods and other trees at unsustainable rates to fulfill Chinese demand, said the report from the Environmental Investigation Agency, a London-based activist group.»

The last tiger in Singapore was shot under the billiard table at Raffles Hotel. It happened early in the last century.

Broken China

In a bid to defend the single market, the European Commission has raised customs tariffs from 17.6 % to 58.8% on 55 articles of porcelain and ceramic tableware imported from China on accounts of dumping.

There is nothing exceptional about this decision, which is similar to a number of others that have recently been taken in Brussels, like two other inquiries on solar panels, which play a much larger role in Europe’s trade deficit with China, more than 20 billion euros of imports last year. Chinese authorities and the Chinese media have begun to show signs of irritation with this harder line.

China is often depicted as an “irritated” country in reports. It’s like a romance gone bad. She is feeling irritated whatever I do. If I talk with her she gets annoyed. She said I’m not mature and she is not feeling that I’m with her! And now I’m trying to make her understand, but she is not hearing me no matter what I say!

What is Reason? How Did it Arise?

Young Germans ‘happy to be bourgeois‘, not so young too. “Greece only has self to blame“, said the german finance minister, while the the money laundering got up by 17 percent. Beware of the “poor” wild boar.

White smoke on the dutch politics, a coalition aggreement is being finalized. One point of discussion was the bankers oath, making dutch bankers subject to a disciplinary council along the lines of the ones established for doctors and lawyers, which seams to work for the later.

Man divorces, sues ex-wife for being ugly and the baby both had for being ugly too and won.

Um país simpático

Eric Feng pedalou desde Kunming, cidade no Sul da China, até ao Cabo da Roca, com o objetivo de promover as energias limpas e homenagear os navegadores do século XV o chinês Zheng He e português Infante D. Henrique.

Acabou por concluir a viagem com uma bicicleta emprestada porque lhe roubaram em Sines a que trouxe da China.

“Estacionei a bicicleta, no dia seguinte não estava lá”

O que tu queres sei eu

A chanceler alemã que andou para ai a botar faladura sobre vender empresas nacionais para outras longitudes acaba de vender duas aos chineses.

Deve ser por isso que… As voltas que eu dei para chegar à metáfora de mudar a bomba de óleo.

‘Tás-lhe a olhar para o bêfe, malandro! :P




Servidão humana

Nanchang é uma cidade importante chinesa. Localizada no sul do grande país e bastante conhecida por abrigar uma das quatro grandes torres da China, o Pavilhão do Príncipe Teng, uma construção que data de 650 DC, foi destruída e reconstruída diversas vezes, datando a última reconstrução de 1989. Nos festivais religiosos, comuns na China, há uma quantidade significativa de mendigos nas ruas, pedindo comida e dinheiro. Para tentar resolver a questão do conforto dos peregrinos, a organização do festival optou por criar um corredor de gaiolas para que os mendigos pudessem ficar separados dos pedestres. Os pedintes ficam atrás das grades e os religiosos ficam mais livres e tranquilos para caminhar e atirar moedinhas para a organizada linha de pessoas enjauladas.

Os mendigos estão muito confortáveis nas suas gaiolas, as pessoas enviam-lhes comida e água como presentes. De certa forma, é melhor para eles do que ter que encontrar um lugar nas ruas movimentadas. Eles podem sair quando quiserem, mas eles têm que deixar a cidade também, eles não podem ir para a feira.

«Se a felicidade residisse nos prazeres do corpo, deveriam chamar-se felizes os bois quando encontram ervilhas para comer.», Heráclito de Éfeso