“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”


In December 1922 the travel book “Alexandria” by E.M. Forster was published, shortly after the author received a regretful letter from the publisher. There had been a fire in the warehouse and the entire edition had been burned. Fortunately, it had been insured, and they got a substantial check in compensation. A few weeks later Forster received another letter from the publisher, the books had been found intact, in a cellar which had escaped the flames. This created an awkward situation because of the insurance money and they had taken the only way out, they burned the books deliberately.

No evidence of direct Russian involvement in MH17
. Russia supplied air defense systems to the separatists and sent crews train them. Putin moved from being an effective, sophisticated ruler who ruthlessly uses power to being a dangerous incompetent supporting a hapless insurrection with inappropriate weapons. MH17 likely shot down by pro-Russian rebels by accident.

European political experts think a strong neighbourhood policy and a new European sphere of influence that will provide more security in Europe. Not only airlines are at risk, also merchant ships in the Red Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar, Europe should take the lead in the battle against the uncontrolled proliferation of missiles, a convention about anti-aircraft missiles should be agreed with regional powers.


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