Women in some parts of the world are forbidden to learn how to read


Students can now earn extra credit in a Women and Gender Studies class for being female and not shaving their armpits or male if you shave their bodies from the neck down. In the 19th century, space was reorganized, time was synchronized, the world became modern. But it doesn’t seem very long ago that I was going to striptease classes, working for a magazine with scantily clad women on the cover and attending lap-dancing clubs with my then boyfriend. Had you asked, I would probably have said I was a feminist then, too.

The Spanish secretary of state for tourism, Isabel Borrego, said Spain wishes to offer “quality tourism”. Teenager performs oral on 20 men for a $5 bottle of champagne. Pamplona wants a clean fiestaauthorities want to avoid images of topless women being groped by big gangs of men being published on the Web.

“I love the performance of a craft, whether it is modest or mean-spirited, yet I walk away when discussions of it begin – as if one should ask a gravedigger what brand of shovel he uses or whether he prefers to work at noon or in moonlight.” ― Michael Ondaatje


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