Zero copula 2Neanderthals did not suffer extinction due to cognitive or technological inferiority, but because of inbreeding with “modern humans” who’d entered Europe from Africa. Doll, Kitten, and Brynn, a lesbian “throuple” — three people joined together romantically in the manner of a couple — are expecting a child from a male that was not sexually desirable to any of them.

Koitodoke – a “love declaration form“, couples fill out these forms together, but an individual can do it on his/her own without the input of the designated love interest. You’ll need to provide your name, plus the name of the object of your affection, the time and place where you met, with the note that this data is only required if you remember. The form is keenly aware that the other person may not return your sentiments. In the section asking whether or not your feelings are reciprocated, there are separate response boxes you can check to indicate “yes,” “I’m not sure,” “I’m pretty sure,” and “no.”

Two teachers lost in love. One horny high schooler. And a priceless collection of ancient art. What could possibly go wrong? Zero copula is a linguistic phenomenon whereby the subject is joined to the predicate without overt marking of this relationship. Standard English exhibits a very limited form of the zero copula, common in statements like “The more, the merrier”, “You from out of town?”, “Enough already!”


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