What I desire is determined by the symbolic network within which I articulate my subjective position


Mona is 31-year-old, student. She describes herself as “tolerant”, clean and tidy person,  is a non-smoker and . She’s looking for a shared flat Berlin preferably in the Friedrichshain area with a washing machine.  Mona does not believe in money, so she’s willing to pay just €5 per month in rent for a room at least 20 square metres in a all-female flat because of male “aggression and power play”. But yet these cannot be any women, her flatmates need to be “actively opposed to terrorism, war, racial fanaticism, fascism, chauvinism and American cultural imperialism”.

They should also preferably be vegan and be willingly to be kicked out by her at any time. Mona understands that co-habiting can be hard. “I have to be able to say where the boundaries lie and when I do not want to see anyone.” She has had bad experiences in the past when she’s asked people to leave the flat temporarily and they’ve stayed. But She’s handy with repairs and will sit down for a “therapeutic discussion” should fellow flatmates need it.

It is not all bad though, as she will pay the internet bills, even though she believes it should be free.


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