If a single sentence could express the seeming indifference of the silent…


There is someone worse than the preacher who falls into hypocrisy, namely, the moral slacker who is not even to the point where hypocrisy is possible.

Benoni Lanctot’s 1867 Chinese and English Phrase Book

 Phrases for English speakers  Phrases for Chinese speakers
Can you get me a good boy?
He wants $8.00 per month.
He ought to be satisfied with $6.00.
When I find him useful, I will give him more.
I think he is very stupid.
Do you know how to count?
If you want to go out, you must ask me.
Come at seven every morning.
Go home at eight every night.
This lamp is not clean.
See that the money is weighed.
If there is any thing short, I will make him pay the difference.
Take this plate away.
Change this napkin.
Did you prepare any toast?
The tea is too strong.
Make me a pigeon pie.
Get a bottle of beer.
Please carve that capon.
Tell the cook to roast it better next time.
This wine glass is not clean.
The cook is very strange.
Sometimes he spoils the dishes.
Tell the cook to fry some pancakes.
Don’t burn them.
He did very bad last time.
I want to cut his wages.
This tea is very bad.
Get out of the way.
Don’t speak with me.
Who gives you permission?
Don’t be lazy.
You ought not to do so.
Pick this up.
This is nothing to you.
He is fit for nothing.
That belongs to me.
Carry it up stairs.
You ought to be contented.
Good morning sir.
When shall I begin?
I beg your pardon.
Lunch is on the table, sir.
I beg you to consider again.
It is my duty.
Sir, what will you have for dinner to-day?
You must excuse me.
You must not strike me.

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