The unemployed themselves are not represented among experts and decision-makers who have paid jobs

“(…)exit of the crisis must hinge upon a deliberate backing of a new, balanced, environmentally sustainable growth model, guaranteed by financial stability and built upon the European welfare state. Achieving this growth model requires the culmination of the Single European Market in sectors such as energy, telecommunications, services and the creation of a truly European labour market. Greater integration of EU markets and greater backing of strategies to innovate and foster good public education will help improve productivity and growth. An active industrial policy must also play a leading role in changing the productive model. It is important to also stress that sustainable and balanced growth cannot be achieved unless social inequalities are drastically reduced.”

These resolutions describe detailed goals of social reconstruction clearly dependent on public initiative and implementation. But they give no indication of the number of jobs created and how much financial sources are needed.

We need to stop trying to be right all the time and try to just be cool. Accept that this is not a logical argument winnable by facts.


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