If you break the law, you better be real famous

0402-bansky-after-vandalism-1David William Noll has been charged with FELONY vandalism. According to the criminal complaint — obtained by TMZ — Noll defaced 2 of Banksy’s most famous works — Girl on Swing and Peeing Dog. The L.A. County D.A. filed FOUR separate vandalism charges, because Noll allegedly defaced both works and 5 days later went back and used paint remover on the walls. Max penalty — 5 years in prison(…)

The D.A. says the only way they will prosecute for vandalism is if the property owner complains — and Banksy got lucky … no one complained about his art … but they definitely weren’t into Noll’s handiwork. According to the LAPD police report … the company that owns the Girl On Swing building — a jeweler called Tarina Tarantino — believes Banksy’s work increased the value of the property by $650,000.”

Robert Rauschenberg erased a Willem de Kooning and created a landmark of postmodernism.


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