Not so innocent

The Distribution of Wealth in the U.S

Portraing the west as the rich, the east as the well off, and the  south, crowded, with the less lucky ones.

Scientists and especially physicists have believed that they would be able to show why our universe is as it is as a necessary consequence of certain fundamental principles and laws. What has happened in the last 15 years is they now believe that our universe is just one of a vast number of universes all with very different physical properties. And all of these different universes originate from the same fundamental principles, in that case there’s no possibility of explaining why our universe is a necessary consequence of the fundamental principles, there are many different possibilities, and our universe is just one lucky draw from the hat. In which case we are accidental, we are an accidental universe, and so the historic mission of physics is no longer feasible, it’s no longer possible.  This conclusion makes theoretical physicists extremely unhappy because it means that a lot of their mission is an illusion.  But that may be the way nature is.

I’ve seen wars start with less.


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