How to think like a psychologist

00013772Dr. Kelly McGonigal introduces a prominent psychologist, who proceed to discuss his research and explain precisely why his field happens to be so fascinating. Greg Walton gives a detailed talk about his work on academic stigma, and the role it plays in the achievement gap so evident in American education (Listen to me… You don’t understand!), James Gross discusses his research on emotional regulation (Why I’m so bored with my work), and Bridget Martin Hard explains the benefits of studying animals to better understand humans (I’d would like to go on a safari in Africa).

A mile wide pathological solipsism with an  inch deep self-esteem. “Here’s why that’s a problem.” The id “Like Me” is a furry suit wrapping a toddler and if normalcy and personal responsibility offend it, it will make sure you know, in poopytalk, how that’s an issue.

Help the id feel less like a reject, validate its problems.

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