There’s people who fear fear ends

1631076-620x420When Athens was at its height there was this amazing philosopher called Anaxagoras. He was the one, who unequivocally proved that the sun was not a God, but a material object. Anaxagoras was extremely unpopular, people saw his ideas as complete heresy, because they were so much out of the ordinary, that people just did not believe in them. Anaxagoras had a friend, called Pericles, and he was the most illustrious leader of Athens, imbued with spirit of the ancients, benevolent and industrious.

When Anaxagoras was thrown into jail because of his ideas, Pericles pulled him out, and protected him because he knew that his ideas were the best Athens had to deliver. Later, Anaxagoras had a pupil called Socrates, and Socrates had a pupil called Plato. A line of eminent philosophers started with that one genius protected by the leader of the polis.

Such  leader has  to be a good man, doesn’t worry about criticism or ridicule. The strength of a good leader is to be able to withstand criticism and actually learn from it. Critical thinkers are the life blood of a nation. They criticize, but also they give new ideas to move forward a society. True leadership magnanimity, the ability to reign with a pure heart, and give room for change.

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