Welcome back, brothers

129It is believed that the first Jews settled in the Iberian Peninsula at the time of Nabucodonosor, King of the Chaleans (6th century) or even before, at the time of Solomon who reigned in Israel from 974B.C. to 937B.C. (…) Sephardic Jews in Spain were able to prosper and live in relative peace under both Muslim and Christian rule until Catholics Kings Ferdinand and Isabel issued the Alhambra Decree in 1492. This resulted in forced conversions to Catholicism, killings and expulsion of all Sephardic Jews in Spain. Later, in 1497, King Manuel I of Portugal decreed that all Jews had to convert to Christianity or leave the country, hard times followed for the Portuguese Jews, with deportation, exile, persecution and death.

A few days ago I’ve mentioned “the descendants of Sephardic Jews banished from Spain in 1492 will now be able to regain Spanish nationality“. Also following a recent amendment to Portugal’s “Law on Nationality”, descendants of Jews who were expelled in 1497 can become citizens if they “belong to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin with ties to Portugal.” Now descendents of Moriscos, Muslims expelled in the 17th century, want Spain to do the right thing by them as well. After the last Muslim ruler of the Emirate of Granada surrendered to Ferdinand II and Isabella I, the Catholic Kings it was promptly published an edict mandating conversion to Catholicism or would be facing deportation. Hundreds of those families found a home in the Moroccan cities, where they still preserve their Spanish surnames.

If any Neanderthal expelled from these lands by some Homo Sapiens is out there, just say something! As we say in Portugal ,”Ou comem todos ou há moralidade”, “or everyone eats or there’s a morality” literally. :D

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