First we resist, then we adapt, then we love

Most of us are emotionally invested in there being a clear demarcation between what we believe and what we know, and wouldn’t take at all kindly to being told that the most fundamental facts of our personal identity lie, in fact, somewhere along the spectrum of belief from total guesswork to convincing, evidence-based certainty.

What makes us human? We have three times more neurons than a gorilla, but our DNAs are almost identical. Many animals have a rudimentary language, can use tools and recognize themselves in mirrors. So, what is it that differentiates us from them? What is consciousness? We’ve been there before , wondering about the nature of consciousness. How is it that the brain generates the self of self, the unique experience that we have of being … unique? Why do we dream? Even though we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, we still don’t know why we dream. Do dreams have an essential function, physiological and or psychological?

Most of us tend to think we know, rather than believe.


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