Stilettos and Schizophrenia

movida_fabio“(…) the increase use and availability of heeled footwear has been paralleled by an increase in the prevalence of schizophrenia. Flensmark presents a cogent argument supported by historical and epidemiological data together with a possible pathophysiological mechanism to account for the phenomenon.

Heeled footwear, he explains, reduces stimulation of mechanoreceptors in the lower extremities which would normally increase activity in cerebello-thalamo-cortico-cerebellar loops through their action on NMDA receptors, and that this reduction in cortical activity changes dopaminergic function which involves the basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical-nigro-basal ganglia loops. If Flensmark is correct, there are far-reaching consequences for the prevention and treatment of mental illnesses. (…) have no personal experience of wearing footwear with heel heights exceeding one inch. There are no other conflicts of interest that will be mentioned here.

It must be true, it doesn’t count in this “50 science misconceptions“. :)


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