Turn off the lights

Foucault’s admited “in France, you gotta have ten percent incomprehensible, otherwise people won’t think it’s deep–they won’t think you’re a profound thinker.”

French public monuments, churches, stations, offices and billboards will be blacked out beginning at 1am. The measure will reduce the carbon footprint 250000 tons of carbon dioxide and will also save 200 million euros a year. “The next step is to reduce street lighting by adding sensors so it will only switch on when someone is present”. The French government has also launched a campaign to educate businesses about why the blackout is necessary. Shop window lighting must be turned off from 1-7am, and public monuments must only be lit up from sunset to 1am.

The Maxims of manner (avoid ambiguity, be brief, be orderly, and avoid obscurity of expression) are “systematically violated” in France, partly due to the influence of German philosophy. So they say.


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