Generation gaps

stargazey pie

“(…)Mankind might change as well. Several centuries hence, humans will have evolved, possibly into a different and unexpected direction. Again, a look into the prehistoric past illustrates the fact that modern man has populated the earth for a remarkably short period of time. Our defining features and characteristics emerged only within the last few millennia. It’s impossible to predict how humanity will evolve over the next ten thousand years – maybe future generations will curse us for burying precious nuclear resources in deep repositories instead of making them easily accessible. (…) We might not know what’s good for our children, but we seem remarkably convinced that permanent storage of nuclear material will still be seen as the best possible option a few centuries into the future. Some futurists discuss scenarios that posit a breakdown of communications between today’s civilization and future generations. They argue that mankind will evolve so radically that the humans of the future won’t understand the language and signs we use today to communicate. Yet their reaction is usually to demand even deeper, more permanent and less accessible storage – which is practically impossible.

(…) To our children, we should say: Sorry, but it’s a legacy you have to accept and safeguard. We did our best to keep the waste safe, and it it’s your turn to do the same. Maybe you will develop the technology to use it productively. And if you don’t, keep guarding it, and eventually entrust it to your children. Compared to the legacy that previous generations have left us – apparently without too much of a bad conscience about their waste, their toxins, and their destruction of the natural environment – this approach is remarkably responsible. It would also free significant resources, intellectually, politically, and materially, to try and tackle some of today’s big problems.

And now for something completetly different, “(…)Esta infantilização das crianças e dos jovens gerou uns perturbantes bebés adultos que aos 18 anos ainda vão à consulta de pediatria, pois a idade pediátrica estende-se agora até aos 18 anos, onde entre imagens de ursinhos e cegonhas recordarão as ressacas dos festivais de Verão ou as histórias macabras sobre as crescentes agressões nas escolas, como a sucedida recentemente na EB 2/3 Ruy Luís Gomes, no Laranjeiro, em Almada, em que uma aluna foi violada por cinco colegas. Ou que, numa versão mais crescida, continuam a beber e a divertir-se enquanto um seu colega foi assassinado. Se Marlon Correia tivesse morrido, não na sequência de um assalto, mas sim numa fuga à polícia os seus colegas estariam muito provavelmente hoje de luto e vivendo uma forte indignação. Assim foi apenas um azar e a festa com muita cerveja vai prosseguir(…)”


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