Something we can teach


Portugal in 2001 initiated the decriminalization of drug usage, the consumer is now regarded as a patient and not as a criminal but repression persists.

«… European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) has its headquarters in Lisbon. Frank Zobel works here, analyzing various approaches to combating drugs, and he says he can observe “the greatest innovation in this field” right outside his office door.

No drug policy, Zobel says, can genuinely prevent people from taking drugs — at least, he is not familiar with any model that works this way. As for Portugal, Zobel says, “This is working. Drug consumption has not increased severely. There is no mass chaos. For me as an evaluator, that’s a very good outcome.”»


One thought on “Something we can teach

  1. I agree with the view that decriminalizing illegal drug abuse can lead to better outcomes. Treating drug addiction as an “illness” rather than just constantly condemning the actions associated with drug abuse seems more of a proactive way, rather than reactive.

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