Great Balls Of Fire


A portuguese cannon known by Si Djagur, made in Macao to strengthen the portuguese fort in Malacca in Malaysia, where it stood in ‘A Famosa’ , later was taken by the Dutch to Batavia, actual Jakarta, and placed on a bastion of the old castle controlling the harbor.

The cannon bear the Latin inscription: “EX ME IPSA RENATA SUM” (-out of my self I was reborn-) this may allude to the fact that it was recast from an older one. The cannon shows the special design of a clenched fist “Mano in fica” which in Indonesia is a symbol of cohabitation. For that reason it was reputed to a font of fertility.

Since then women offer flowers before this talisman on Thursdays, concluding their ritual by sitting on top of it or just stroke the fist. To counteract this superstition the cannon was transferred to several places through the years.


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