Assassin’s Creed

«Simmons wants to give in to his desires, while Roxy wants her assassination business to be successful – and stay successful.  Ella would like her profession, killing people, to be meaningful again. Then there is perhaps the most dangerous of this cool quartet, Jack. Jack just wants Ella.»

The institutions we live by: courts, hospitals, governments, stock markets and other entities still run on the presumption that people act rationally, but science of human behavior in the post-rational era no longer think of ourselves as cool calculators in pursuit of our objective self-interest. The reasons people perceive, feel, think, and act as they do, and the gaps between what we think we’re doing and what research says we’re doing grow day by day.

This 2002 Secret Service report on school shootings concluded, “most attackers engaged in some behavior, prior to the incident, that caused others concern or indicated a need for help.” Yet those concerned others often did not or could not act; the help wasn’t proffered. Can we imagine that this has nothing to do with our patient-centered culture, in which the troubled person’s rights and needs come before anything else?

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