The Last Days of Eden

David Glasheen, of Restoration Island off of Brisbane, was once a businessman. In the stock market crash of 1987 he lost everything. From then upended himself and left his corporate life in Sydney for the island life. David grows his own vegetables, catches his own fish, brews his own beer, and keeps himself entertained along with his dog Quasi.

John Fairfax died at the age of 74. He was once the most interesting man in the world: When he was 13, he ran away from home to live in the jungle. He survived selling the skins of animals the caught in the traps he had set. Later studied literature and philosophy in Buenos Aires. After that in Panama, he met a pirate, applied for a job as a pirate’s apprentice. He spent three years smuggling guns, liquor and cigarettes around the world.

When he settled down he engaged in more pedestrian activities, like crossing the Atlantic and Pacific in a rowboat and becoming a professional baccarat player. Rest in Peace!


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