Faith and a bar of soap will do

«An online survey into work hygiene (…) shows that colleagues who smell of sweat are the number one irritant(…) Second on the list are colleagues who don’t wash their hands after a visit to the toilet, third is bad breath, fourth is making sounds while eating and fifth, sniffing and blowing your nose too loudly

«Throughout history, the concept of sacrifice has merged theology and economics. In the ancient world, people made often-bloody offeringsto divinities, whom they believed would reward them with, say, good harvests or protection from evil. Christianity, with its belief that God (or the Son of God) sacrificed Himself to expiate humanity’s sins, inverted the traditional economy of sacrifice. In this case, divine suffering serves as an exemplar of the selflesshumility with which earthly misfortunes should be endured

«(…)experts on the economy and scientists researching human mentality have been shaking their heads over the countries of southern Europe hit by the crisis for years now, just to share with us their bad news – and each snippet is more troubling than the last. And all the while, the talk doesn’t stop about “core Europe”, kept running by the “Franco-German motor”, which must not be allowed to “splutter”.» «From today’s perspective — leaving aside all the effusive rhetoric about Europe — the introduction of the euro is nothing but the continuation of debt mania with more audacious methods. The euro countries took advantage of the favorable interest rates offered by the common currency to get into even more debt. Can all of this be blamed on some sort of human debt gene? Is it wastefulness, stupidity or an error in the system


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