In which size?

Whether it’s a feathered helicopter, a lace-covered piano or a chandelier made out of tampons, you never know what to expect from Lisbon-based Joana Vasconcelos. This pretty shoe sculpture is one of two that she made with stainless steel pots and their lids. They’ve been on display at many places, including Versailles.

As eye-catching as the giant pieces are, the kitchenware/footwear pieces also hold deeper interpretations. The “shoes” reflect on the social conventions, in terms of gender roles and expectations, instilled within traditional generations that have also creeped into modern society. They represent the dichotomous domestic responsibilities paired with contemporary ideals of a woman.

The challenge, therefore, is symbolized in a pair of heels made of pristine cookware.

It’s more elegant than a pair of boots.


2 thoughts on “In which size?

  1. I hope to see some of her work in person one day!

    • For years I’ve passed under the Tampon Chandelier in the stairway of a popular club in Lisbon without knowing its origin.
      Surely one day you will have the oportunity.

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