A Very Little History of Philosophy

Today I’ve woken up into philosophy, later in the morning I came across a post from Nigel Warburton, and for a split second I thought Karl Marx was a Man Utd fan! :D

«Socrates: Let’s talk about it.

Plato: Hey caveman, get real!

Aristotle: Eudaimonia or you die moanier.

Epicurus: Death? Not my problem.

Descartes: You’re not dreaming.

Spinoza: I’m not into bondage.

Locke: You look blank.

Berkeley: Ideaology

Hume: You’re a natural.

Rousseau: Chain reaction.

Burke: You say you want a revolution…

Kant: Cool shades, but you can’t take them off.

Hegel: Synthetic fabric.

Bentham: Harmless fun.

Mill: Don’t be a pig.

Marx: Glory, glory, man united!

Kierkegaard: Jump!

Peirce: An icon


Frege: What are you referring to?

Russell: What do you mean there’s no king of France?

Wittgenstein: I’m not going to tell you.

Ayer: Logical positivism – hooray!

Popper: Unconvince me.

Sartre: Don’t wait!

Camus: It’s only rock and roll but I like it.

Rawls: Justice for reasonable people.

Rand: Justice for nutters.

Foot: Track changes.

Kuhn: Can you believe this shift?


Singer: Good bye pork pie.


Sandel: You sold what?»

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