Fight Now

«“Athens is the Weimar Berlin of our time,” said Crapabble. “It’s this space where, in Europe, the future is being decided. The future might be poverty, debt peonage and violent fascism.”»

«Germany’s richest citizens are getting richer. At over €500 billion, the total value of assets belonging to the 500 wealthiest Germans exceeds Switzerland’s gross domestic product, (…) the debt crisis wreaking havoc across the eurozone hasn’t shaken the super-rich. Germany’s wealthiest 100 citizens saw the value of their assets rise more than 4 percent. But not all of the country’s billionaires had a good year. The family behind the bankrupt Schlecker drugstore chain was left with less than €40 million after seeing its fortunes drop by €1.92 billion, making it the biggest loser on this year’s list. »

Are you pursuing the passions that bring happiness, achieving excellence, and then letting the money follow? With that, I’ll let you continue with your day.





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