The fighter

No one has taken the mantra of playing every point as if it’s his last more literally than Rafael Nadal. While that type of attitude has been a contributor to his injury issues, his reckless style, tireless work ethic, and nearly unmatched determination will be never be forgotten.

We will never know how great Nadal could have been without the knee issues. To be matter-of-fact about it, his potential was somewhat staggering to fathom. That is why the contorting, electrifying Spaniard with unprecedented topspin has already written his legacy in the sport of tennis, regardless of what happens in the latter part of his career. In the 2009 Australian Open final, at the end of the five-set marathon, Federer cried, and who could blame him? Nadal was a brick wall.

I’m more a Federer fan but the chance of not having Nadal playing at top performance pains me a lot. Get well, ¡vamos Nadal!

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