Universidades de Verão

Na Universidade de Harvard descobriu-se que metade dos alunos plagiaram ou “colaboraram inapropriadamente” nos exames finais da cadeira “Government 1310: Introduction to Congress”.

Por cá são conhecidas as trafulhices escolares, ilegais, legais ou apenas suspeitas, desde o saneamentos de professores da Universidade e a substituição de cursos por preleções políticas e os alunos passados sem exame mas sim por “passagem administrativa”, até exames dominicais e equivalências dividosas, tudo parece valer para ultrapassar o portão das elites.

«The question here is, why do liars who lie in the course of running for office get, at worst, a slap on the wrist, when lying lands you in jail if you do it to a jury, costs you a lot of money if you do it to regulators when you are a business owner, and even costs you your position in office if your lies get your elected and then you lie it once you’re there, as with Nixon, who ultimately was forced to resign not for overtly trying to subvert democracy itself, but for lying about his involvement. We shouldn’t want liars in charge of government, should we? Well, when they are candidates, it depends on whether they are lying TO us, or FOR us.»





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