London 2012

Michael Phelps was undoubtedly coronated as the GOAT in the swimming pools, Usain Bolt is a rocket with two legs, Great Britain had a full moon night with (Ennis, Farah and Rutherford) followed by Andy Murray’s gold.

«The father of the first-ever Saudi female to compete at the Olympic Games has vowed to sue those who insulted his daughter for challenging traditions that prevented women from participating in sports(…) The judo international referee said he had no problem with those who criticized the performance of his teenage daughter, who despite being swiftly beaten by Puerto Rico’s Melissa Mojica left the stadium to a standing ovation. The 16-year-old judoka took part wearing a modified headscarf, but that still did not impress some.» I can only hope she becomes the Jesse Owens of the female muslin athletes.

Let’s wait what will the next days bring.


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