I’ve read better news before

The pression is building in the Middle East.

GAZA/CAIRO, AUGUST 7 – About 1,500 multinational jihadist militias received military training in the northern Sinai region in the months following the ousting of Egypt’s former president, Bedouin Sheikh Khalaf al-Maniei told Palestinian news agency Ma’an on Tuesday. The training took place in Sheikh Zweid (north Sinai) and Wadi al-Amro (central Sinai) regions, according to the Sheikh, who leads the al-Sawarka tribe living in the northern Sinai. The Bedouin community has been warning Egypt of the growing danger on its border, ”but no one listened to us,” the Sheikh said in reference to yesterday’s raid by a jihadist commando on an Egyptian border patrol barracks, which left 16 soldiers dead. The situation might drive Israel to occupy parts of northern Sinai, especially the el-Arish border access points, al-Maniei said. An Israeli military spokesman yesterday called the Sinai ”a great hothouse for the flowering of international terrorism.” Israel has returned to Egypt the bodies of six commando members it killed when they crossed over into Israel aboard an armored vehicle during yesterday’s raid. Another three members of the 35-man commando were killed in Egyptian territory, Egyptian security sources said on Tuesday.”

And this is not a good sign.





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