“No arms, no chocolate”

«S: Which scene did you particularly like?
K: “No arms, no chocolate.” Philippe’s caregiver says that to him while holding some chocolate in front of his face. I thought that was really amusing, especially since close friends and family members say similar things to me.
S: Isn’t that cruel and mean?
K: Yes, perhaps both. But I think it’s funny. “No arms, no chocolate” — that’s just the way it is. Why should we whitewash things?»

«S: The film about your life is also bursting with self-irony. “I would shoot myself,” Abdel, the caregiver, says to Philippe, who replies: “That, too, is difficult for a paralytic.” How is it that you can laugh about your fate?
P: Humor is also a tool. You know, I’m constantly afraid that I’ll be left alone, sitting in a corner. Because I no longer have the physical strength to convince you to help me, I just make you laugh. Then, you’ll pay attention to me. The escape into humor is also a pragmatic way of dealing with our situation. And it’s better for everyone involved.»

«S: Is it fair to say that you’ve gone from being a big capitalist to a critic of capitalism?
P: I was always suspicious of capitalism, especially financial capitalism, which destroys values. The champagne company I managed was very German in some ways. All employees were involved, unions were represented on the supervisory board and employees had a lot of say. But when we were bought out by a financial investor, he decided that all profits would go into his pocket from then on. The first thing he told me to do was to lay off half of my employees. I had my accident shortly after that.»





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