Burned shirt

«Sectarian violence in the Giza town of Dahshur south of Cairo broke out again at dawn on Wednesday in the aftermath of the funeral of a young Muslim who died as a result of burns sustained during clashes last week.

The violence began on Friday after a Coptic Christian launderer burned a Muslim customer’s shirt while ironing it. Muslims set fire to the launderer’s home and those of other Copts. Moaz Mohamed, who had suffered serious burns from a Molotov cocktail during the Friday clashes, died on Tuesday at Helmia Military Hospital in Cairo. After his funeral, hundreds of Muslims tried to storm Dahshur’s Mar Girgis church and to set it on fire. They also attacked local police, who responded with tear gas, and evacuated Coptic Christians from their homes. Seven police officers were wounded in the violence.

A priest from Takla Adel church told Masri el Youm online newspaper on Wednesday that all Copts have left the village until the situation calms down. ”But we can no longer return, after the threats to our church,” the priest reportedly said. Security forces have taken control of the village, but attempts at reconciliation have failed so far because neither side is willing to back down, according to Masri el Youm.»

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