I’ve survived


I came across this article “A Visit to the World’s Deadliest Dive Site“, immediately I recognized the place and remembered the time I dived there, 16th of December 2005, it was morning, we’ve arrived in the back of a pickup truck comming from Dahab with all the gear, got our wetsuites on and took some pictures of the group before walked the blue buoy corridor right into the mouth of the hole. It’s as exhilarating as it is frightening.

We rested and afterwards we went to dive at The Bells. By the end of the day a group of bedouins was waiting for us in a small beach near by with some camels, we rode them for an hour and an half by the shoreline to Ras Abu Galum, where we had dinner and spend the night at the beach. The next morning the first rays of sun woke us, we had breakfast and hit the water. Beautiful shallow pristine reefs.

I would do it again. And again… :)

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