Stubburn love


The european union was forged with good intentions, way back in France where humanist thinkers wanted to bring Europe to peace, in the usual french way, which is manipulation and secret planning. The strategy worked, it got the central european countries into a unity of some kind.

It is difficult to define the political structure of the EU. In some way it is a democracy, there’s a parliament, a system of judges and so, and so, but it was made through the deceit of the european politics, or absolutely unfit. The citizens accept the system because of either bribery or threats, there’s no respect and trust between the citizens and the superstate projected by the vanity of its leaders and the principle of democracy in distress. When some country makes a rule or law the EU doesn’t fancy, it simply makes a verdict of judges where the rule wasn’t in accordance with some european principle, judges debase their integrity, they are supposed to be epigons of justice and neutrality not the hand of a corrupt bureaucracy.

Usually a political entity is either made by the people, or by a bunch of back ally philosophers, this last ones are so formatted by the inception of the EU, that the sacrifice of their countries interests is so far away from their own perception as it can possibly be. The European Union was built into a den of scoundrels, and it will always be that. Living in the outskirts of the European Union, and having lived with the practical consequences of the schlerotic behemoth some unwise politicians are trying to build, it is with a slight dissapointment and wonder I see the empirebuilders continue their flight against the ground.


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