Body part preferences

«(…)A colleague pointed out that there was a connection between paranoid symptomatology and the drawing in of joints on arms and legs on human figure drawings. Buck states that emphasis upon knees suggests the presence of homosexual tendencies. Over a period of time, this investigator was impressed with the frequent connection between these two variables. This study was designed to determine the validity of this hypothesis,» “The Relationship Between Knee and Arm Joints on Human Figure Drawings and Paranoid Trends,” Wildman, 1963. Later in 1976 the same author wrote “Note on Males’ and Females’ Preferences for Opposite Sex Body Parts, Bust Sizes, and Bust-Revealing Clothing,” where «young women responded that they preferred men with hairy chests and circumcised penises. The chest was the male body part reported to be most “sexually stimulating” to females. The busts were the female body part most “sexually stimulating” to males. (…)men preferred larger busts than women typically possess on the average, but the women tended to overestimate the bust size most preferred by males. The ratings of bust-revealing clothing showed the males were more desirous of actually seeing the naked bust than females appear to realize.»

Last year another study “Males Prefer a Larger Bust Size in Women Than Females Themselves: An Experimental Study on Female Bodily Attractiveness with Varying Weight, Bust Size, Waist Width, Hip Width, and Leg Length Independently.” To answer these questions, an extensive experiment was conducted using highquality photographic stimulus material, several systematically varied figure parameters (weight, hip width, waist width, bust size, and leg length). The results showed that women prefer slightly wider hips, a narrower waist, and longer legs than men (highly significant but small effects). A clear difference was found with regard to the ideal bust size: 40% of men but only 25% of women preferred a large bust.

The excuses they gave to spend their days looking at boobs.


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