Rufus is back

Rufus, the splendid four-year old Harris Hawk used to scare off the pigeons that like to roost and do aerial ballet at Centre Court, was stolen sometime between Thursday night and his Friday morning start time for work at Wimbledon, 5:30 a.m. He had been left in his travel box in a car in a private driveway near Wimbledon overnight, with the back window open to allow for fresh air. His owner, Imogen Davis, and local authorities have launched an appeal hoping find the hawk, which would be very hungry if it hasn’t been fed. Late-breaking update: A cage “with some sort of eagle” inside was reported abandoned in a hedge in Southfields, near Wimbledon, but at this time I can’t confirm that Rufus has been recovered.

Yaroslova Shvedova’s “golden set” (winning a set without losing a single point, 24 point in a row) against French Open finalist Sara Errani.

Sabine Lisicki officially complained to the chair umpire about the grunting of her opponent, Bojana Jovanovski, claiming that it prevents her from hearing the ball being hit. Jovanovski is not punished, but this minor incident may be remembered as a tipping point, because the WTA also is in the process of developing a hand-held ‘Grunt-o-Meter’ that will allow chair umpires of the future to monitor the volume of grunters, presumably with a maximum level that, if exceeded, would result in a warning or penalty.


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