Sweethearts’ Flank

Aljubarrota is, probably, the most important battle in Portuguese History. Armies commanded by King John I of Portugal and his general Nuno Álvares Pereira, with the support of English allies, opposed the army of King John I of Castile with its Aragonese, Italian and French allies near Aljubarrota, in 14 August 1385.

And the famed left wing, a company composed by two hundred unmarried young nobles is remembered in history as the “Ala dos Namorados” (Sweethearts’ Flank) and was essential to the Portuguese victory.

Later in 1494, Portuguese and Spanish agreed in Tordesillas how to divide the known and the unknown world between them. Today is just football, not nearly as important but it will be a very emotional match. PORTUGAL!!

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