Countdown to the unknown

I have been following the revolution since January 2011, and I have lived in Cairo for almost a year. I wasn’t surprised when the former general Ahmed Shafik and Mohamed Morsy from the Muslim Brotherhood were announced as contestants to the presidential election. The political elites immediately recognized the lack of political experience of the revolutionaries and played their cards against them. They perfected their game to the extent that it will be decided between a henchman of Mubarak and a conservative candidate. Neither candidate mirrors the aspirations of those who took to the streets.

«(…)Gamal Abdel-Gawwad, a senior political researcher, Shafik does not necessarily represent the Mubarak regime but rather “the state, as it has been known for the last 200 years, and the heart of the middle class that is closely associated with the state, and quarters concerned by the dominance of the Islamist trend.”

Choosing between two equally bitter choices,” or “choosing between a bitter and a more bitter choice,” is the qualification of the current situation by those who stand between the state/Mubarak regime option and the change/Brotherhood option.»

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