Aos portugas no país dos papa-batatas-fritas

What are those Krauts doing here?” hundreds of Dutch football fans chanted at a German family in a town just outside Rotterdam. After Germany beat the Netherlands 2-0 in Wednesday’s Euro 2012 match, some supporters were out for revenge. “They threw glasses, also at my two-year-old grandson,” an unfortunate German tells Police had to intervene. Ah, the happy warmth of that ‘we-feeling’, as the Dutch call it.

Meanwhile, De Telegraaf’s front page features photos of burnt out German cars at a campsite in the village of Biddinghuizen. “Outrageous,” the paper fumes.

Portuguese visitors to the Netherlands should be warned. The Dutch have to beat Portugal with a two-goal difference on Sunday to stay in the championship, but that’s “hoping for a miracle”, says AD. As puts it, “the Portuguese are merciless”.


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