Except the greeks

In the midst of the European economic crisis, the Pew Research Center decided to conduct a poll on the European Union countries and how they view each other on various topics. Almost everybody think that Germans are the hardest working people, and the Greeks are the least hardworking … except the Greeks!

“It’s hard to believe that a supermassive black hole weighing millions of times the mass of the sun could be moved at all, let alone kicked out of a galaxy at enormous speed. But these new data support the idea that gravitational waves — ripples in the fabric of space first predicted by Albert Einstein but never detected directly — can exert an extremely powerful force.” Although the ejection of a supermassive black hole from a galaxy by recoil because more gravitational waves are being emitted in one direction than another is likely to be rare, it nevertheless could mean that there are many giant black holes roaming undetected out in the vast spaces between galaxies. “These black holes would be invisible to us, because they have consumed all of the gas surrounding them after being thrown out of their home galaxy.”

“It would be tragic and ironic if Germany, reunited, peaceful, and with good intentions in the early 21st century, would cause Europe to perish for a third time.” But it is possible that Fischer is right, and that the time has come for Germany to show a bit of sacrifice and accept greater risks. If Chancellor Merkel is now reconsidering her course, this is also an opportunity for the rest of us to embark on a new path – whatever the costs might be.


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