Un idiot à Paris

«His rotund features and premature baldness allowed him to often play cuckolded husbands in his early career. He proved to be one of France’s most versatile and sought-after character actors, performing interchangeably in comedies and dramas.»

Now imagine him with glasses and a little bit more hair.

«…all problems are exclusively due to the action of foreign governments in the European periphery. There is also a lack of understanding of macroeconomic interconnectedness and how the rapid economic decline of more and more parts of the Eurozone is bound to hit Germany too sooner rather than later. On the other hand, the crisis experience in southern Europe is leading more and more people into desperation and populist right and left wing fringe parties are having a ball.»


2 thoughts on “Un idiot à Paris

  1. In regards to the last sentence…what is scary to me is the ultra right group, Neo-Nazi group’s popularity in Greece

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