Sinal vermelho

A condutora de um dos comboios que chocou há dias na Holanda terá dito que passou um sinal vermelho. Para além das conversações para acordar os cortes a fazer pelo governo holandês  no orçamento terminaram da pior maneira, esperasse agora que o governo se demita e venham eleições.

  • The state pension age to go up to 66 in 2015, not 2020 as planned
  • An introduction of a €9 fee for every medical prescription
  • An increase in value-added tax: the low rate to rise from 6% to 7%, the high rate from 19% to 21%
  • A €750m cut on the €4.6bn development aid budget
  • No tax relief on interest-only mortgages
  • A cut of €75m on spending on public broadcasters
  • No change in unemployment benefit or redundancy law
  • An across-the-board salary and benefit freeze, apart from state pensions and incapacity benefit
  • An end to student grants
  • Parental contribution for school books to be brought back
  • An end to the tax break on employee travel costs

‘The markets will be very nervous about this. The interest on government loans will increase and if it looks as if the rise is permanent, then the rating agencies will downgrade,’ professor Sylvester Eijffinger told ANP. ‘This will cost the Netherlands its Triple A status. We will be following France and Austria.’


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