Zangam-se as comadres

E quem se fecunda é o mexilhão. No Natal passado Christine Lagarde, a senhora à frente do FMI ofereceu uma prenda à Angela Merkel, com griffe, a chanceler alemã devolveu-lhe a simpatia com um CD da Orquestra Filarmónica de Berlin. – isto é coisa para enxonfrar uma gaija.

«(…)in the wake of two years of intense involvement in the struggle to overcome the crisis in Europe, the IMF has begun to openly express its discontent.(…)Perhaps more importantly, the IMF is increasingly uncomfortable with the role that has been attributed to it in the “troika” formed with the ECB and the European Commission. In the eurozone, the organisation, which is used to a high degree of autonomy, has become a “second tier partner”. The Europeans in the troika, who are extremely strict in their approach, mainly take their orders from Germany. In the event of a divergence of opinion, the IMF is often the only member of the troika to argue in support of Greece. » – Ó ‘prela a pôr-se ao fresco. :)

Prepara-se uma saída à francesa!


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