Ora bolas

«“years of restructuring” have made it impossible for them to do their work properly. As a result “an ordinary citizen’s tax return is only checked once every 100 years”. In other words, tax dodging has become “a piece of cake”. Such is the lack of control, the paper reckons there’s nothing to stop “couples with no kids claiming for gifts to non-existent offspring […] and tenants in rented accommodation claiming for home improvements and even mortgage tax breaks”. Looking at the bigger picture, of course, the news is not so good. As AD notes “the Netherlands is missing out on at least four billion euros in revenue” – no small potatoes in these times of billion-euro government cutbacks.

Still, there’s part of me that can’t help feeling cheated that they’ve chosen to tell us this two weeks after the deadline for handing in our tax returns!»

Não era cá no burgo que a rapaziada tinha por desporto enganar o fisco.


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