New dawn

«Portugal has a strong tradition of emigration, with World Bank statistics showing about 20 percent of all Portuguese living abroad in 2010. Since the 15th century, when Vasco da Gama first circumnavigated the globe, the Portuguese have found joy in discovering new places, leaving behind the land of melancholy Fado music and starting anew elsewhere. “Pioneers of Globalization” is the title of one book about the Portuguese.»

«The crisis-hit nations of southern Europe have one booming industry left — their skilled workers are in high demand in Germany, which has a chronic shortage of qualified labor. German employers in search of nurses and engineers have launched a recruitment drive in Portugal, where over a third of young people are unemployed.»

«German employers are thrilled. “These are top people with a good education,” says nursing manager Joachim Erhardt. Since the new arrivals don’t speak German, the hospital group in Sindelfingen is paying for their first six months of room and board, as well as an intensive language course in Stuttgart.»


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