A vida está cada vez mais difícil

Enquanto a rapaziada analizava, comentava e xafurdava os resultados da última cimeira europeia, a sua liturgia e implicações, a chanceler alemã foi às compras sozinha ao supermercado, respeitou a fila e carregou ela própria o saco das compras.

«During a lunch with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, Merkel asked him whether he cooked at home. Jonathan laughed. He, the president, and a man to boot, cook? She likes to cook, Merkel replied, and said that she even makes breakfast for her husband. Jonathan stood up and made a toast, saying that Nigerian women should follow the example of the German chancellor and make breakfast for their husbands every morning. Merkel was amused when she told this story on the flight to Berlin. Obviously her intentions had been different. She had addressed Jonathan as a human being, as a person who could conceivably cook at home, just as she likes to cook and make breakfast. Instead Jonathan turned it into a political message, namely that women should be obliging to their men.»

Espero que a garrafa de vinho não tenha sido para se “esquecer” dos problemas.


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